Bellissima Technical Specifications

Tested / supported devices

RIPs supported

Print Quality

At the heart of the Bellissima screening engine are a number of breakthroughs in flexo screening technology.

The carefully controlled dots produce presswork equivalent to a traditional 400-500 lpi screen with incredible detail throughout images from highlights to shadows and, in addition, it’s easy to both plate and print.

Ease of Use

Bellissima screening is available as a plugin for the popular Harlequin RIP; versions 8.3, 9 and 10 (both 32 & 64 bit versions of the RIP are supported on Mac and PC). Bellissima DMS provides genuine 16 bit screening with an incredible 50,000+ gray levels per color.

Plate Calibration

Plate calibration should be performed as usual using the ‘FM’ mode on a plate reader, if available. The XRite iCPlate2 plate reader is recommended.

Press Dot Gain Curves

Press dot gain curves applied to the plate required since the small dots used with Bellissima produce a different dot gain on press compared with conventional screening as, for example, when printing to an industry standard such as FIRST.