Digitally Modulated Screening

Hamillroad’s Digitally Modulated Screening (also known as DMS or DM screening) digitally analyzes and modulates each and every pixel that it produces, rather than repeating a fixed pattern of dots (as in AM screening) or randomly marking a pixel (as in FM screening).

The result is an unprecedented quality of screening, which is easy to plate and print.

DM screening ensures that no dot is too small to plate or print, no ‘non-dot’ is too small to fill in and no dot or ‘non-dot’ is too large so as to be visible. Dots are created in a precisely controlled manner to ensure detail is placed exactly where it is needed, vignettes are smooth and flat tints are truly flat.

DM screening intelligently modulates each pixel based on a thorough understanding of laser optics, plate technology, printing press behavior and ink flow to eliminate the effects of dot gain, resulting in the complete removal of patterning artifacts and graininess. This technique is especially suited to violet CtP devices.

Auraia DMS for Offset

Auraia DMS perfects screening as it not only achieves the high level of image detail long associated with FM stochastic screening, but also produces ultra-smooth flat tints that are as smooth as (or usually smoother than) AM conventional screening.

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Bellissima DMS for Flexo

Bellissima DMS utilizes ground-breaking technology to create a unique product that is most accurately described as a fusion of the best characteristics of AM, FM, and XM screening techniques, whilst avoiding their limitations and problems.

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