FirstPROOF Pro

FirstPROOF Professional is a powerful color accurate prepress soft-proofing workflow product built on top of FirstPROOF Standard that includes a larger tool set and significant additional features. When added to a Harlequin, Esko-Graphics, Presstek DI or TIFF RIP it provides a number of extremely sophisticated capabilities.

The color management solution in FirstPROOF Pro is a completely new innovative method for generating color accurate soft proofs, which is inexpensive, easy to use and fast; thus removing the need for hard-copy proofs.

The larger tool set provides specialist prepress tools for further checking of jobs, which greatly reduces errors. In doing so, users of FirstPROOF Pro can detect many more prepress problems before exposing film, burning plates or worse still printing pages, thus saving valuable time and money.

Among the additional features is the ability to rotate separations (for example when an extra 90-degree rotation has occurred), merge separations (such as P Blue CV & P Blue CVC) and the ability to also print.


  • High-performance remote (LAN) image viewing – pan, zoom, rotate and flip
  • Job control – approve, reject, delete and output jobs
  • Positional tools – coordinates, adjustable rulers, gridlines and guidelines
  • Color tools – background paper color and opaque inks
  • Modern UI – job hierarchy, job information, page thumbnails, navigation window and tooltips
  • Measurement tools – distances, areas, screens (frequency and angle), color, density and barcode support
  • Advanced tools – view black, ink limits, dot gain, tone curves, cylinder seam and duplex view
  • Color-accurate viewing including a gamut check tool
  • Page modification – crop, rotate, merge, knockout and clean
  • Printing – separations, progressives or composites to any printer

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FirstPROOF Pro
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FirstPROOF Pro
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High-performance viewing

At the heart of FirstPROOF is an extremely high-performance viewing engine that is capable of viewing high-resolution data from Harlequin, Esko Flex (LEN), Presstek DI or any TIFF RIP. This allows the user to rapidly zoom in and out, pan and rotate the view in real-time so as to see exactly what has been RIPped in the job. Any mistakes or problems in the job are therefore easily detected, allowing the user to guarantee that what they print will be right the first time.

Job control

Jobs that have been viewed can either be temporarily marked as approved or rejected or permanently output or deleted. Prior to that, annotation notes can be attached to each job.

Page modification

As well as the soft-proofing capabilities it offers, FirstPROOF Professional also contains a number of additional workflow features that would usually be associated with much more costly systems. Amongst these are the ability to modify / merge separations (e.g. P 123 CVC and P 123 CV) and rotate / mirror separations where an incorrect orientation has been applied.

Measurement tools

FirstPROOF Professional contains some very powerful but easy to use tools for measuring distances, screens, densities, and barcodes. These can be used to check things such as traps, overprints and halftone screen details (frequency and angle).

Colour-accurate viewing

One of the latest features in FirstPROOF Professional is a completely new and innovative method for color-accurate viewing of jobs, which is inexpensive, easy to use and fast. This significantly removes or reduces the need for slow and costly hard- copy proofs, leading to further savings in both time and money.

Advanced tools

FirstPROOF Professional also contains some very powerful advanced tools for checking other issues in jobs. Amongst these are the ability to apply dot gain, check moiré, ink limits, cylinder seams and front to back alignment.

What’s new in Version 6.2

Separation crop

Allows you to crop (reduce) the size of the image, for example if it is slightly too large for your CtP device. Either an explicit crop area can be entered, or any selections used from the Selection Manger.

Larger separation list

Extended maximum width of Separation List window (from 256 to 512), to allow for better viewing of spot color separations with long names.

Separation knockout

Allows you to perform a knockout of dots from successive separations for use in Dry Offset printing (where two inks are not allowed to overlap).

Support for HMR 10 / 11

Works with 64-bit page buffers from Harlequin Multi-RIP version 10/11.

Additional barcodes

Now supports 25 barcode types. The barcode list is reduced down to a set of possible barcodes when a code is scanned.

Support for OSX 10.9/10.10

Works with OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) / 10.10 (Yosemite).

FirstPROOF Guide to Color Management

The problem

When viewing soft-proofed 1 bit data, it rarely matches what is going to be printed on press.
This is mainly due to three phenomena:

1. dot / ink gain
2. color space chromaticity differences
3. ink trapping

This of course assumes that the press can print consistently, which in itself is not guaranteed due to the many varying parameters affecting it – temperature, humidity, blankets, rollers and ink flow, to name a few.

To get a color-accurate soft-proof on a monitor of what is going to be printed on press, you therefore need to adjust the 1-bit data being viewed to compensate for these differences.

The FirstPROOF Guide to Color Management

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Technical Specifications

Operating systems supported

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Mac OS X (Intel) 10.2 – 10.10

RIPs supported

Harlequin RIP versions 3 and 4 with limited functionality
Harlequin RIP versions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
Harlequin RIP version 10 (Multi-RIP, both 32-bit and 64-bit)
Harlequin RIP version 11 (Multi-RIP, 64-bit only)
Esko Flex RIP (LEN format)
Presstek RIP (DI format)