Christiane Lehmann

danielle Auraia

For nearly a year we have used Auraia screening to print around 90 percent of all our orders. The transition from conventional to Digitally Modulated Screening [DMS] proved very easy for us.
We quickly realised that with controlled production curves, many problems of the past were resolved. Even during severe climate and temperature differences, there were no fluctuations in production. The prints remain stable from the first sheet to the last and the press needs fewer corrections than before. What we print from almost the first sheet is of a high quality. Reprints can be reproduced immediately, with no delay.
A very important factor for us in addition to the color stability is also ink consumption. Due to the ever shorter timescales that we have to meet in production, it is important for us to be able to process the printed sheets in a timely manner. The prints produced with Auraia dry very quickly due to the reduced ink requirements and can be easily folded and further processed immediately after printing. We not only save with [reduced] paper waste and [reduced] ink on the press, but also in time during the entire production process.
Another advantage of the Auraia screening technology is the printing of flat tints and gradients. The deteriorating quality of paper we have had to use since the 1980s produce flat tints that look cloudy, which often takes tedious discussions with paper and ink manufacturers to resolve. In contrast, Auraia prints flat tints on nearly all types of paper; even difficult shades are smooth and clean. This quality difference and high reproducibility is something we talk to many customers about.
In order to offer our customers an even greater level of quality and to utilize Auraia in full, we will create a custom in-house color profile in the coming weeks, which will allow a larger gamut of the printing press to be used.
In conclusion, we can say that since the switch to Auraia, production is more stable with higher quality and it is less time consuming, especially on press. The good quality is also reflected in our customer’s satisfaction.

Christiane LehmannSilber Druck, Germany