Bellissima DMS

Bellissima DMS multi-award winning flexo screening technology

Bellissima (Italian for most beautiful) DMS is Hamillroad’s Digitally Modulated Screening for Flexo. Bellissima DMS, the ultimate in flexographic screening, delivers a previously unobtainable level of image reproduction for flexo. Rivaling the quality of print typically associated with offset and gravure, Bellissima DMS is challenging digital as the future for flexible packaging and labels.

Innovative flexo technology

Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening utilizes innovative technology that’s a fusion of the best characteristics of AM, FM, XM, GS and CS screening while avoiding their limitations and problems. It dramatically enhances the quality and stability of flexo presswork.

Digital modulation (DM)

This unique screening digitally modulates every pixel it produces thereby precisely controlling the dots in each separation while its “stochastic rosette” interleaves the screens in the separations to eliminate noise and moiré. In addition, the stochastic rosette maximises the ink-on-paper area and minimizes the amount of ink-on-ink, to expand the available color gamut while eliminating color shifts due to misregistration.

The screening analyzes each pixel to ensure that no dot is too small to plate or print but is not large enough to be visible. Dots are created in a carefully controlled manner, to ensure detail is placed exactly where it is needed, vignettes are smooth and flat tints are ‘flat.’ The result is a quality of print, particularly on flexible substrates, that was previously unobtainable.

Overcoming flexo printing press machine problems

Bellissima DM Screening helps to extend the life of a flexographic printing press. Using Bellissima’s patented dots, common printing problems including bounce, barring, and slur are significantly reduced and, in some instances, completely eliminated.

Bellissima has become our biggest point of difference, helping us achieve unbelievable growthMark Cook, CEO. Catapult Print, Florida, USA.

Watch our ‘Getting Dotty About Spots’ video below to learn more about DMS:

Bellissima DMS Highlights

  • High-quality prints equivalent to 350 – 450 lpi (4000 dpi)
  • Stable ‘flexo dots’ that prevent partial/broken dots
  • Moiré free – both screening and subject
  • Highlight dots down to 1.0%
  • Shadow dots up to 99.5%
  • Vignettes that fade smoothly to nothing (no hard breaks)
  • Smooth flat tints for ‘perfect’ 4 color process printing
  • Solid object protection
  • High solid ink densities via 100% solid surface patterning options
  • No color shifts with misregistration
  • Reduced bounce, barring and slur
  • Large 20 – 25 (actually 40 x 20 – 50 x 25 and larger) micron dot
  • Retains input image detail of 450-600 dpi images

Multi-award winning prepress & print technology

  • Technical Innovation

    Flexographic Technical Association (FTA)

  • Innovation winner

    Label Industry Global Awards

  • Innovation winner

    FlexoTech Awards

  • Innovation winner

    Join the Network Gala

Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening
Conventional Screening

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Patent Information

Protected by the following patents:

  • UK Patent 2473475
  • UK Patent 2473476
  • US Patent 8,654,400
  • US Patent 8,654,401
  • US Patent 9,508,031
  • US Patent 9,787,872
  • Chinese Patent ZL201080051176.X
  • European Patent 2476246 (in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland)
  • Other patents pending
Removing a key barrier to “fixed palette” print success
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FTA Flexographic Technical Innovation Award Winner 2018
Label Awards 2018 - Winner - Innovation
FlexoTech Awards 2018 Innovation winner
Join The Network Future of Flexo Innovation Award Winner

Compared with AM Screening

Bellissima DM Screening uses specially shaped dots that, like an AM screen, minimize problems with dot gain variation and are easy to control on press. However, unlike an AM screen, Bellissima DMS does not suffer from problems such as highlight dot loss, moiré or lack of image detail.

Compared with FM Screening

Like an FM screen, Bellissima DM Screening produces a stunning level of image detail, equivalent to 350-450 lpi for offset printers. However, unlike an FM screen, Bellissima DMS does not suffer from problems such as noisy flat screen tints and variability on plate and press.

Compared with XM (hybrid) Screening

Bellissima DM Screening precisely controls the size of its highlight and shadow dots which, like an XM screen, enables retention of a full tone range of 0-100%. However, unlike an XM screen, Bellissima DMS does not suffer from problems such as moiré, or noisy flat tints and color shifts with misregistration.

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