About Hamillroad Software

We want to develop products that change the print world and have fun too!Andy Cave, CEO

Hamillroad Software is a dynamic company that works to provide the printing industry with innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Hamillroad was born out of the pioneering work done by Robert Miller in developing a number of productivity and performance enhancement concepts that Harlequin RIP users have been deprived of for many years. These efforts resulted in a technology idea base ripe for further development and commercial exploitation.

Hamillroad Software Limited was then incorporated in the UK as a vehicle to further develop and bring this technology to market. It is led by CEO Andy Cave, the Original Creator and Chief Designer of the Harlequin RIP and founder member of Harlequin Limited (now Global Graphics Software Limited).

The company continues co-operative research and development efforts, as well as sales and marketing on a world-wide basis.

If we’re going to develop a product, it has to be significantly better than anything elseAndy Cave, CEO

Our products

Our print solutions help customers save time and money during all stages of the printing process whilst also improving the final printed image fidelity.

We specialise in Digitally Modulated Screening which provides unparalleled screening technology for Lithographic (Auraia DMS) and Flexographic (Bellissima DMS) printing.

The FirstPROOF solution allows users to simulate errors which may occur on press before plates have been made. It helps users save valuable time and money during the pre-press process.

In addition, our Lightning Plugins work with the Harlequin RIP to improve the output speed of TIFF, PDF or LEN files by up to 4x or more, making the prepress screening (RIP output) process faster and more efficient.